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CSR Event 2023: Support 4TOMORROW
SUPPORT 4TOMORROW We held our very first CSR event with the TOPMIX Group teammates at Rumah BARKAT, Johor. Not only we take initiative i...
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ARCHIDEX 2023 Archidex this year is a great success  for TOPMIX  ! Thank you for those who have visited  us this year during ARCHIDEX...
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What new series launch in 2023
We have an exciting news for all the industry players, where TOPMIX Group will launch a new high pressure laminate catalog this year dur...
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Latest Interior Design Theme Volume 01: Urban Modern
URBAN . MODERN . SOPHISTICATED  If you  prefer industrial, and minimalist design, then the urban modern design is the best choice for ...
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Latest Topmix Laminate Series – TPX
Topmix Privilege Laminate (TPX) – A latest collection to turn interpretation into integrity. Exclusively catered for you. 🔹 Wo...
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Total Surface Solutions by Topmix Group
Design is where science and art break even. With dedication of develop trends and comprise of excellent quality of surfacing material wi...
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Laminated Furniture Care Tips
Want to have a beautifully-made furniture at reasonable cost? A laminated furniture might be for you! But some wonder whether these piec...
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Explore a whole new design with Topmix Marble Collection
Aesthetic.  Elegant.  Luxurious.  Marble has always been portrayed as an aesthetic, elegant and luxurious material regardless of the ...
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